stunning acoustics in a former dance hall

Studio Nord Bremen

The ideal space for the sound of today

When Studio Nord Bremen opened in the 1960s, it was one of the first privately owned music studios in Germany. The 120 m² recording room has a live feel, direct and excellent for acoustic as well as amplified instruments. Top-class analogue equipment, an impressive collection of classic German tube microphones and the fantastic acoustics of the recording room make it the perfect solution for any modern music production.

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Studio Nord is 273 footsteps away from the train station Bremen-Oberneuland.

Arriving by train

The Metronom train (RB41) travels here from Hamburg and Bremen.

Arriving by car

Arriving by car is just as comfortable. Leaving the A27, the next motorway exit is only 2.5 km away. The A27 runs between Hannover and Bremerhaven and at the near-by Bremer Kreuz, it intersects the A1 that connects Bremen with Hamburg and the Ruhr area.

Arriving by air

Ryanair flies into Bremen from cities all over Europe. The airport is in the centre of the city and is connected via tram with the main train station. From there, a regional train leaves every hour that stops directly at the studio.

custom vintage tube console

Studio Nord makes wishes come true

Whether you need the large studio room to record a band or ensemble donning hand-played instruments, or simply wish to profit from our experience and expertise in artistic music production, mixing and mastering: that′s your decision. Depending on your requirements and wishes, you can rent the studio for your own use or you can work with one of the studio′s in-house producers. Just send us an email.


Studio Booking  Gregor Hennig  Oliver Sroweleit  Pascal El Sauaf

Postal Address

Studio Nord Bremen
Mühlenfeldstraße 23
28355 Bremen
Telephone: +49 421 2052297
Please leave a message on the answering machine.

For enquires regarding Maxim Music Publishers and the SNB music production archives (1955-2011), please contact the following address:
SNB Musikproduktion  Edition Maxim Musikverlag

feel at home at studio nord

Relaxing in-house accommodation for artists

On the top floor of the 100 year-old house, there is a 95 m² apartment at your disposal with four bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Feel inspired and focused in the old-style ambience of the building and the peace and quiet of this suburban setting! Studio Nord resides in what used to be a dance hall, surrounded by public parks, noble villas and farms. A supermarket as well as culinary offerings from fast-food to finer eating establishments are all within walking distance. The train station Bremen-Oberneuland is also just a few steps away.

4 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom (95 m²)
Washing machine, tumble dryer
Shower, fully equipped kitchen with gas cooker
TV, library, board games
Guest bicycles
Bed linen and towels
Macbook and printer
Golf course, fitness studio and bathing lake in close proximity

If you require other accommodation, there is a first-class hotel just around the corner.

more than enough space

Picking the cherries from recording history

Studio Nord has a complete set-up from the 1950s - all first hand. The hand-built mixing desk from the early days and one of the first multitrack tape machines are still available and ready for operation. Our collection of German vintage microphones from the golden age of sound engineering is remarkable and unique. Tube technology from the 1950s and 1960s unites with state of the art recording equipment from the 1970s and 1980s and modern-day digital systems, to create such a wide spectrum of possibilities that barely a wish need go unanswered.

List of microphones
Tube Condenser:
6x Neumann M49 large diaphragm (1950s-1960s)
5x Neumann U67 large diaphragm (1960s)
Neumann U47 large diaphragm (approx. 1950s)
Telefunken SM23 stereo small diaphragm switchable (1960s)
Neumann KM53 small diaphragm omni (1960s)
Neumann CMV563 (small bottle for capsules, 1960s)
2x Neumann CMV3 (big bottle for capsules, 1940s)
Neumannn large diaphragm capsules: M7 (cardioid), M8 (figure of eight), M9 (omni), M55K (omni)
Telefunken ELA-MZ capsule
TelefunkenUSA AK47 large diaphragm
Mojave MA-200 large diaphragm
Teladi Bottle with large diaphragm capsule (1950s)
PGH Thiele M4 large diaphragm (1960s)
Solid State Condenser:
Neumann U47 FET large diaphragm (1970s)
Sony C48 large diaphragm (1970s)
2x MTG M930 large diaphragm cardioid
3x Neumann KM184 small diaphragm cardioid
2x Neumann KM84 small diaphragm cardioid
Neumann KM688 small diaphragm switchable
2x VEB Gefell M692 for GDR capsules
VEB Gefell M71/M70/M94 GDR capsules
2x Audiotechnica AT4033a large diaphragm cardioid
3x Sennheiser MKH406 small diaphragm
Dynamic an Ribbon:
2x RCA BX44 ribbon (1940s-1950s)
Beyerdynamic M500 ribbon (1970s)
12x Sennheiser MD421
3x Sennheiser MD441
2x AKG D202CS
3x Shure SM7 large diaphragm
5x Shure SM57

our collection of instruments

Instruments & Amplifiers

Instruments & Amplifiers
Euterpe piano 151cm x 145cm
Schimmel upright piano
Hammond M100 tube organ
Hohner Symphonic organ
Crumar Haven Traveller organ
orig. Leslie Cabinet
honky tonk piano (1910)
Hohner Pianet-Clavinet Duo
Crumar Brassman
Moog Prodigy
Wersi Bass Synth
»Audio« piano with pickups
Echolette BS40+ET1 cabinet
Yamaha TA 30 Solid State Git Amp
Vintage Vox AC30 (Bulldogs)
London City 100W Top (modified)
Dynachord Rex (modified)

top notch mixing desk

Neve Room

Equipment List Neve Room
Manger Schallwandler
Westlake near field monitors
24-channel Neve5106 console
API7600 shannelstrip
2x SPL Gainstation (tube)
2x Telefunken V276 (1970s)
Audient ASP008 (preamps)
DAV BG-8 (preamps)
2x Vintage Urei1176 compressor
2x Eventide Omnipressor compressor
ARS Sonic Sigma equalizer
Aphex Exciter Typ B
Eventide H3000 SE reverb / multi effect
Korg DVP-1 multi effect
Korg Flanger
Aphex Compellor compressor
Aphex Dominator limiter
Aphex Expressor
Roland SPH323 phase shifter
Telefunken M15A ¼" 2-track tape recorder
MCI ¼" 2-track tape recorder
Otari MT90II 2" 24-track tape recorder
Tascam MSR24 1" 24-track tape recorder
Pro Tools (Apple)

high quality vintage tube gear

Tube Gear Room

Equipment List Tube Room
Tannoy HPB385a Coaxial
ProAc Studio100 near field monitors
Yamaha NS10 near field monitors
Dynaudio M2 midfield monitors
28 channel Amek M2000 console (1978)
Manley Voxbox channel strip
2x Telefunken V676B
1073 1:1 replica (vintageaudiorentals)
Vintage Tube Outboard:
10-channel tube console (handmade, 1950s)
RCA BA6A Vari MU limiter (1960)
Pultec MEQ-5 equalizer (1960s)
Teletronix LA2A limiter (vintage)
Gates STA Level compressor (1950s)
Gates SA39-B compressor (1950s)
TAB U73 limiter (1960s)
EMT140 plate reverb (1960s)
Solid State Outboard:
6x Neumann TEV equalizer (1960s)
GML-8200 parametric equalizer
Focusrite ISA131 compressor
UA 1176LN compressor (reissue)
Urei 1178 Stereo compressor
Empirical Labs EL8x Distressor
EMT 240 gold foil reverb (1970s)
2x Barth U311 compressor (1970s)
2x BFE Filtek BKE4 compressor
2x BFE Filtek MK7 cqualizer
4x Allison Research GainBrain compressor
3x Echolette NG51 tape delay (1950s)
Furman RV2 spring reverb
Klark Teknik spring reverb
Otari MTR90II 2" 24-track tape recorder
Telefunken M10 1" 8-track tape recorder
Adam Smith Zeta3 synchronizer
RME MADI HDSP interface
Antelope Orion32 32-channel converter
Cubase 10 (Windows)
Pro Tools (native)

digital and analog combined

Control Room 3

Equipment List Control Room 3
Neumann KH310
Yamaha NS10 near field monitors & Sub SW80
AKAI MG614 Mixer & 4-track cassette recorder
Roland Space Echo RE201
Valley Dynamite copmressor
Focusrite ISA TWO preamp
Thermionic Culture Vulture
IGS Volfram limiter
SPL Dynamaxx kompressor
2x DBX 560A kompressor
IGS ONE LA limiter
IGS S-Type kompressor
ICON Pro DAW controller
RME Fireface
Logic Pro X (Apple)
Pro Tools

tape machines can be synched with modern systems

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